Boats N Hoes! Carwash style

20 07 2009

Because yesterday was just a gorgeous day on the beach…and such a beautiful day to be outside washing the ride!

Boats N Hoes! Emmy Nomination Style

17 07 2009

Since the 2009 Emmy Nominations came out yesterday, I thought I would dedicate Friday’s Boats N Hoes! segment to the lovely nominees. I also want to apolgize for the slow blog activity this week as AngryFist is out on vacation, but we should have our act together by Monday. Enjoy the weekend!

P.S. If you want a full list of the nominees, click here.

Boats N Hoes! AnnaLynne McCord Style

16 07 2009

In honor of AnnaLynne McCords 21st birthday today…enjoy!

Boats N Hoes! UFC Girls style

10 07 2009

Although I can’t wait to see Brock Lesnar beat his revenge out of Frank Mir at UFC 100 this Saturday, my eyes may be wandering to these beauties! Enjoy…

Speaking of hoes…

9 07 2009

Have you seen this one? Man, I love mixing mortar…almost as much as I love drooling over pictures of Heather Mitts, Women’s Professional Soccer’s Boston Breakers player who threw out the first pitch at Fenway last night. Enjoy!

It’s not slang baby!

9 07 2009

Carson City, Nev.A Las Vegas man won a courtroom battle Wednesday with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles over his “HOE” license plate, which the agency tried to cancel on grounds that he was using a slang reference to prostitutes.

The high court said the DMV based its opposition to William Junge’s plate on definitions found in the Web-based Urban Dictionary, which includes user contributions. Justices ruled that the contributed definitions “do not always reflect generally accepted definitions for words.”

And the high court strikes a victory for hoes everywhere! Glad the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada has nothing better to do with their time than to try and strip a vanity license plate off this guy’s TaHOE. Bunch of bitches! Oh, sorry – a rabid group of female dogs just tried to attack me…what was I saying? Oh yeah, hoooooray hoes!

Boats N Hoes! Figure Skating Style

7 07 2009

In honor of Nicole Bobek, I present to you Boats N Hoes! Figure Skating Style….straight up dominated by Anna Semenovich!!!  Don’t forget to check out our Boats N Hoes! history link on the righthand side…