Holy Miranda Kerr!

20 07 2009

Okay – so I know everyone is still drooling over Marisa Miller from last night’s 2009 ESPYs airing (and rightfully so), but I have to say…Miranda Kerr is fucking hot! This Australian supermodel and Victoria Secrets girl just plain does it for me. Check her out…

Sosa Positive for Steroids in 2003

16 06 2009


ESPNSammy Sosa is one of the 104 major league players who tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance in 2003, the New York Times reported, citing lawyers who have knowledge of the drug-testing results from that year.

That year was the first in which Major League Baseball conducted survey tests to see if mandatory, random drug-testing was needed. There were no penalties for a positive result in 2003.

A lawyer for Sosa, Jay Reisinger, declined comment to the Times. An MLB official likewise declined comment to the newspaper.


Say it ain’t so Sammy. Does this really surprise anybody at all? Does this solidify the fact that we have a steroids era on our hands? I guess it’s almost anticlimactic but still, it’s there….how many others will be announced..? How many will be on your team? I guess it’s just a matter of time before it all comes out. Here’s the question though, how do we treat the records, who goes into the hall, who stays out, what do we do with this information now?? These results were from 2003, but let’s be real, we can almost undoubtedly assume that steroids were rampant well prior to that year…can’t we? Sosa slammed 609 home runs in his career, 66 in 1998, 63 in 1999, 64 in 2001. After that his HR numbers started to tail off….but he was getting paid more money…so how does that work……oh well, let’s just watch this instructional video.


Why me!? Why me!?

12 06 2009

According to an ESPN.com report, your favorite gambler and mine Tim Donaghy got his knee all jacked up by a fellow pissed off inmate wilding a paint-rolling stick. The incident, which took place in the men’s shower and left Donaghy curled up in the fetal position (alright, I made up all those details) resulted in a torn lateral meniscus, as well as a cyst (that part’s real…it’s in the report…look it up). According to Pat Zaranek, a spokesman for Donaghy, the former ref’s knee still gives him trouble and he will need surgery (oh yeah? well the hole in my wallet from a fixed 2002 Western Conference Finals still gives me trouble too…what do you recommend I do about that Timmy!?!?!) Just kidding, I don’t condone gambling…haha, yeah right…but seriously……I’m not kidding.

Unfortunately the article doesn’t give us any type of motivation for the attack, so I guess we are left to our own devices on that one. I’m guessing the unknown inmate’s cousin Dominic owes a lot of money to a guy named Harry the Hatchet that he met down at the track and Dominic has probably run out of excuses at this point (and fingers on his left hand). It’s either that or Donaghy was up 15 packs of butts in the local inmate game and was caught with two aces and a picture of Dominic in his pants.

David Stern is a jackass

2 06 2009

First of all, half of these fines and offcourt rules in the NBA make absolutely no sense to me. I think rules are meant to determine how the game is played on the court and that’s it. Having said that, rules are still rules, so why does Lebron get a free pass?  

In an appearance on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” Stern acknowledged he was not pleased that James, the league’s reigning MVP, didn’t meet with the media, or shake hands with the Orlando Magic, following the Game 6 loss on Saturday night.-ESPN

The article goes on to say how Stern is in the process of making a phone call to Lebron…to talk to him….and I know, I am always in the process of making a phone calls to people, that type of shit takes a long time. So why doesn’t he just fine him and move along. I mean what’s a call going to do….the guy was embarrassed, ignored the other team and skipped the press conference. He already looks like a poor loser as it is, coddling him just makes it worse.  

If your not going to enforce the rules, just get rid of them…..but keep the flopping rule..I hate Varejao

Cleveland Rocks……

1 06 2009

(Yeah I’m gonna need 4….more roll players)

Well this magical ride that Lebron and the James Cavailiers have taken us on has finally come to a crashing hault. All of you that said the Cavs were going to roll can eat my ass. This just proves the theory once again that the Cavs are a one man show. Jalen Rose made a good point on ESPN…when you have a team of specialists and they don’t do that one thing that makes them speacial…what good are they. Would you believe Wally Szczerbiak and Ben Wallace pulled down a combined total of +28mil this year. The old Ben used to strike fear into the hearts of anybody going to the rack….now he’s just kind of….there……….(with little black and white boys shooting over him)

I guess my point is that Cleveland was finally exposed for the team that they really are, a wicked awesome guy surrounded by sucky guys, that apparently make a shitload of money. Let’s remember, the Cavs are one last second shot away from losing this thing 4-1. Good god, just imagine them without the king………hmmmmmm…..