God, Guns, Guts & American Pick-up Trucks

17 07 2009

I bet you right after this interview Mark went home and threw in a huge pinch of skoal, smacked his kid up, fucked his wife while smoking a butt, took a shot of Evan Williams, drank 16 beers and fell asleep wrapped in his Confederate flag — but hey, it’s just a guess.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think – is Mark Muller a crazy son of a bitch or the gem of America?

*Special thanks to Big Daddy Dom for the video submission*

These Damn Snakes Are Everywhere – Update

15 06 2009

Snake Bite


FREETOWN – Power hoses and AK-47 assault rifles have succeeded where Sierra Leone’s snake-charmers failed by removing 400 cobras and vipers that overran a police station. Authorities in the southern district of Bo called in police, army and fire fighters after the snakes scared away police officers and residents reporting crimes.

“We have forced water into the building and some of the snakes trying to escape were shot by our men carrying AK-47s,” said Brima Kontu, head of the police station in Gerihun.  About 250 of the estimated 400 snakes who had made the station their home have been killed. – Reuters

 See, what did I say….blast those mother fuckers….I’ll take an AK47 over a snake charmer every single time.