Abbey Clancy to marry Portsmouth striker Peter Crouch

17 07 2009

UK – At 6ft 7in Peter Crouch needs to bend down simply to look his 5ft 9in girlfriend in the eye.

But when the England striker went down on his knee it was for a much more romantic reason – to pop the question.

After four years together the couple have announced their engagement, with model Abbey said to have burst into tears at the proposal.

Who cares? Sure, the dude might be 6’7″ and goofy looking, but he makes millions of dollars playing soccer so of course she said yes. Anyway, this was really all just a clever ploy by me so I would have an excuse to post smoking hot pictures of Abbey. Damn I’m smart.

Boats N Hoes! AnnaLynne McCord Style

16 07 2009

In honor of AnnaLynne McCords 21st birthday today…enjoy!

Prison officer fired for being HOT

16 07 2009

Amitjo Kajla

(Photo attributed to BBC)

BBC News – A former prison officer was forced out of her job after being bullied because she was pretty, a tribunal has heard.

Amitjo Kajla, 27, is claiming constructive dismissal after leaving her job in Brinsford Young Offenders’ Institution near Wolverhampton.

However former colleagues questioned her behaviour with male inmates and suggested she chose to reject advice about the dress code.

Is it just me, or is this chick sexy as hell? Give her a pair of handcuffs and have her throw some of that UK accent my way and she’s got ALL of my attention. But seriously though, I call shenanigans on this whole operation. Why would a 27 year-old girl who looks like this go into the business of being a prison officer? My guess here is that she’s got a thing for bad boys, which is why she is accused of ignoring the dress code and giving out her address. She probably figured that if the prison fired her while she was trying to bang an inmate, she could always fall back on the old “they fired me for being too pretty” excuse and land a paycheck in the process. Well, if she wants to get paid for banging bad boys I can only hope she stars in the next installment of “Jail Bait”.

2009 ESPY Award Hotties

16 07 2009

Another reason why Sweden is awesome…

16 07 2009

SwedenPolice in central Sweden are on the hunt for a gang of tattooed women who sexually molested a 50-year-old man as he was riding by on his bicycle.

“The girls ran up to him and pulled the bicycle down so he fell,” Örebro police spokesperson Annika Haaster told the newspaper.

As the man was lying defenceless on the ground, the women proceeded to pull off his trousers and underwear and molest him sexually before fleeing the scene.

As if gorgeous six-foot blondes didn’t already put Sweden on the map, this story is going to have every retiree in a 600 mile radius cycling over there like it’s the fucking Tour de France. My question is, why did this 50 year-old dude have to go and ruin the fun for everybody by reporting the incident to the police? Now the female tattooed gangbang squad might go into hiding and all the other senior citizens looking to get their pipes cleaned are up shit’s creek. Oh well, I guess Amsterdam’s Red Light district is always a hop, skip and a jump.

Knockout of the Year candidate

13 07 2009

Sorry for the quality, but you know how these things are. Anyway, bought UFC 100 on Saturday night and while I was right in predicting that Lesnar was going to decapitate Mir, it was Dave Henderson’s knockout of Michael Bisbing that stole the show for me…enjoy! P.S. When Bisbing woke up, he had to ask what happened and then stumbled sideways into the cage.

Boats N Hoes! UFC Girls style

10 07 2009

Although I can’t wait to see Brock Lesnar beat his revenge out of Frank Mir at UFC 100 this Saturday, my eyes may be wandering to these beauties! Enjoy…