Finally! Booty Enhancement in a Pill

16 06 2009


Big Booty


Texas – We Guarantee that your Ass / Butt / Buttcheeks / Buttocks / Booty / Bottom / Bum / Buns / Gluteus Maximus /  and whatever else you wish to call them will grow if you take our supplements (use as directed) for the recommended time frame.

 BBB is an excellent alternative for women who are considering costemic surgery (butt implants).Our phenomenal success rate is exactly why you need to give us a try.We founded our company 7yrs ago in Hollywood,California.We have had the pleasure to work with Kim Kardashian,Vida Guerra,and Cherokee D’Ass just to name a few.Our products are shipped discreetly and we never sell or rent any customer information to any third parties,so rest assured that you wont be getting junk mail from other companies.Please read our FAQ’s for more information.Thank You!

1.What is BBB?

Big Beautiful Buttocks is an all natural,butt enlargement pill which stimulates your gluteus maximus to grow its layer of fat around the buttocks.After all,buttocks are mainly consistent of “fat”.So if you are really skinny and have a fast metabolism,our pill will slow your metabolism to redirect the fat calories to transfer into your buttocks.If you have a fuller body type our pill will transfer your excess weight from your belly,and waist into your buttocks.How do you think Vida Guerra has an “hour glass shape”? – Ebay


Listen up ladies, 4 month supplies are going quick. Just listen to these satisfied customers…


Sahra H.
Newport Beach Ca.

Thank you so much for BBB! I thought at my age (38) there was no way a natural butt product would work for me, but to my surprise I started to see results in the beginning of the second month. 

Karen P.

I just wish I was made aware of your product earlier. For over 5 years I thought my only option was surgery. 

Barb S
San Jose, California

“Be expecting an order from my sister, I just finished talking to her on the phone, she can’t believe the success I’m having with BBB. The women in our family traditionally have had flat butts, BBB will help us all!”

Sandy W.
Sarasota, Florida

“Wow! I just wanted to write you all and let you know that I decided to try BBB after unsucessful google searches. What a difference, I’ve gained almost 15 pounds, I used to be 109, I’m 124 now “bigger is better”

So, if you thought your only option was surgery…fuck that…you can have a huge ass in no time….and it’s all thanks to BBB….hey…thanks BBB…you fuckers.


Fat Ass



7 responses

17 08 2009
larissa hall

i would like to try those pills

30 09 2009
Phat Ass Lover

LOL I wish this was real!

10 01 2010

i would like to try those pills.. i want a fat ass…

21 03 2010

i would like to have some of those pills

21 03 2010

i would like some of thos pills

20 08 2010

I would like some of those pills!!! How do I get them???

20 03 2012

I am perpetually thought about this, thank you for putting up.

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